People’s initiatives are more often than not retarded by lack of or poor infrastructure and social services such as fi nancial, health, sanitation, safe and clean water, better housing, educational provision facilities and training and formation facilities.

Magdalena Kolping Dispensary – Ngote. The facility was started through the assistance of Kolping Society of Hamburg in order to render health services to the remote areas of Ngote. Kolping Switzerland has also been supporting the unit.

Safe & Clean Water
KST’s initiatives of availing people with clean and safe water include protection of water sources and construction of rain water harvesting tanks for vulnerable households in rural areas with water shortage.

Solar Rural Electrification
The programme was started in 1995 to avail remote rural areas to access electricity for domestic use.

Access to better education and formation
The Kolping Society strongly believes that training and formation are the necessary conditions for bringing about human dignity. No wonder the KST budget for training measures is bigger than other expenditure items. Although formal education has not been one of the mainstream programmes, Fr. David Kamugisha had had always a wish to contribute to formal education. The opportunity came along as Bweyambiro Kolping Family in Bukoba Town started a Kindergarten which was supported with small donations. After two years the children joined other schools. Parents were concerned that when their children join other schools they miss the continuation of the foundation they had had at Bweyambiro Kindergarten. Hence plans were made to establish an English Medium Primary School. That was the beginning of the initiatives which resulted in the establishment of "Adolph Kolping English Medium Primary School (AKEMPS) – 2007 and Saint Joseph Kolping Secondary School (JOKOSES) – 2013".

Financial Services
The KST Micro fi nance programme was set up to offer interest free credit to small entrepreneurs especially the youth who were trained under the KST skills training measures.

Better Housing
This housing scheme targeted vulnerable households in the rural area.

Water source protected by KST