1. To provide formation that will enable individual Kolping members, LKFs and KST functionaries to internalize the Kolping Apostolate in the African context and therefore become credible messengers and witnesses of the Good News in their natural families, communities and society at large. Rom. 6:4-5; Mt. 5: 13-14.

2. To contribute towards environmental care and poverty alleviation efforts in the Tanzanian community through optimum utilization of the education instrument which will enable benefi ciaries to become effective change agents in their localities and specifi c groups.

3. To seek appropriate means and ways of complementing grass-root measures of members and non-members in their efforts towards socio-economic development through participatory approaches particularly in the fi elds of agriculture, environment, vocational training and health.

4. To build sustainable structures and devise concrete strategies for optimum deployment of available resources in order to enable KST to bring about and nurture the Kolping Moment in the Tanzanian society.

5. To induce greater unity of purpose, coherence of efforts and responsiveness throughout the structures of the Kolping Society of Tanzania so that it can more effectively help meet the challenges of our time.

Our statement of specifi c objectives defi nes the part KST is expected to play in accomplishing its mission as follows: It delineates the social and institutional goals KST is authorized to serve; it provides both the sense of direction and specifi cation of limits for KST; it conveys the educational philosophy or system of values that should govern choices among alternative lines of action and according to which the worth of any intervention will be judged by KST.

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